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100+ Ways to wear Infinity Dres

Having a closet full of dresses is something every woman would like. If it’s possible for it to be the size of Narnia, even better! But we all know limited space and tight budgets don’t allows us to go crazy with the dress shopping. And, to be honest, it’s not practical. It’s really wasteful to own so many pieces of clothing.

The one perfect solution to all of the above is to have adaptable, practical types of clothing. I am absolutely in love with the idea of convertible clothing and double-sided pieces. Loving variety and novelty, I really need to change things a bit from time to time to keep my spirit high.

Convertible dresses are an ingenious, brilliant invention because they do transform into a wide range of styles with not too much effort. Most of them have straps, belts and wrapped fabric you can twist and tie as you want to create a certain structure.

Can you use any a way, wear a infinity dress.

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