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Lisa and Alex Wedding

The big day has arrived. All of the friends and relatives of the bride have gathered in preparation for this monumental event. They are all dressed appropriately in their beautiful wedding dresses. Some of the dresses they are wearing are presented in different ways to represent the special moment for each one of them.
The wedding begins. Lisa says to her friends and relatives around her, "I am very excited. I am so nervous but I am pleased by the fact that when I look at myself in the mirror I feel so beautiful in my specially designed wedding dress. The five bridesmaids are also excited for me and that makes me very happy. My bridesmaids are Allison, Savannah, Sofia, Destiny and Amelia. They have all prepared for my wedding as if it were their own. I have to rush now. My big wedding is about to begin. Wish me well!"
Finally it is time for me to walk down the aisle and fulfill the dreams of my life. "Here we go!" says Lisa. "I am so nervous that I hope I don't fall from fear."
Lisa walks down the aisle with the grace of a princess so proudly sporting her beautiful wedding dress and her infectious smile. She arrives at the altar and looks in the eyes of her groom to be and whispers silently, "Darling, this is it. This is forever!"
Alex to be looks back at her and moves his mouth with these words, "Sweetheart, forever is beautiful! I can't wait until this wedding is over and we can be together forever."
Then the wedding begins, the vows are exchanged and the now happily married couple rushes from the chapel, gets in their car and disappear into the sunset of love and happiness.

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