Cute and Multiple Ways Convertible Bridesmaid Dress

When preparing for a wedding there are so many things to decide on. One of the most difficult is choosing a dress style that will look nice for the bridesmaids that they will enjoy wearing and possibly even re-wearing again after the wedding. Recently, convertible dresses have come on the wedding scene to accommodate this need. Below we will discuss a few of the available styles.

One style available is a dress with a removable skirt. The dress has a long formal skirt that is worn for the wedding, but can be removed to reveal a fun shorter dress for the reception. This style is fun for the adults in the bridal party, but it is practical for the younger girls since they are more likely to trip over a long dress when dancing and playing at the reception.

If your wedding is in the winter months, or if you need to keep everyone modest for a church wedding, a removable outer dress is a great way to go. The removable outer dress will hide a short fun style underneath. The shorter dress sometimes features print or fun details that the bridesmaids will likely wear again. If you’d like to do something extra special for your bridal party, give them each a different style. Bridesmaid dress underneath that matches their style that they’ll love to wear again and again. This way they all look the same for the wedding, but walk away with a dress they love to wear. This also lets you put your junior bridesmaids in a style that is fun and age appropriate.

Perhaps the best style to accommodate both adult and young girl. Bridesmaids is a dress with convertible straps. This style allows the older girls to wrap the straps in any style, including strapless, and the younger girls can wrap the dress in a more modest style.

Whichever style you choose for your bridal party, they are sure to love these unique convertible dresses which will work well for your friends both young and old.

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6 reasons why an infinity dress is an amazing purchase

Let’s play the island game, but with dresses. You know how it goes: if you were stranded on an island and you could only take one dress, which would it be?

I will give you the only correct answer: an infinity dress. Let’s not get into the details of not needing a dress on an island, the point is I consider the infinity dress to be a lifesaver, indispensable piece of clothing.

Let’s see what are the main reasons to get an infinity dress.

1- The fabrics are really nice

Most of the times, an infinity dress is made out of soft, flexible fabric that drapes beautifully down your curves. It does not have much structure in itself, because you have to be able to twist it and turn it, but it is

2- They are very comfortable

As an effect of the fabrics that are used, infinity dresses are super comfy. The best part is that they look elegant and sophisticated at the same time, so you get the 2 in 1 package, comfort and looks.

This is why infinity dresses can adapt to a wide range of occasions and venues. You can pull them off on a beach, as well as in a ball room.

3- You can use them as maternity dresses

Infinity dresses are so versatile that they can wrap around pregnant bellies, no matter how close your due date is. Even when you feel like you’re blowing at the seams in the 9th month, an infinity dress will not feel tight or uncomfortable because it follows your body’s shapes.

More so, after giving birth, you can wear the same incredible dress while breastfeeding, since you can move and wrap the straps around freely. It can even act as a cover, since so much fabric is destined to create the upper body of the dress. You will have all the privacy needed when nursing, your baby will be covered by a soft material and you will look amazing.

4- You can wear them at any events, even at your wedding!

You read it correctly, an infinity dress can be worn as a wedding gown. If you prefer a more flowy style, away from the cupcake-looking structured skirts of princess dresses, an infinity dress will be perfect for your big day.

To pull it off, choose a dress that comes in Ivory or White and is preferably made of a sheer or satiny fabric. You want something that looks more precious that jersey or cotton. You can then accessorize your dress to make it look more festive. Add a tulle or organza layer to the skirt to make it look fuller and add dimension and texture. Wear a lace or satin bolero or bandeau and don’t forget to put on a veil. That is the most iconic bridal accessory.

5- They do come in different sizes

We are used to finding these in a one-size-fits-all, but newer infinity dresses have actual sizes. Even if the material wraps around freely to fit an individual, it still needs to have some shape and proportions, depending on your size. Find an infinity dress that has sizes and you will notice that the wrapping is easier and the final shape of it just looks right.

6- They are incredibly versatile

This should’ve been the number one reason you should buy an infinity dress, but we do believe it’s the most obvious. As its name states, this dress can transform into a wide range of styles and be adapted to a lot of occasions.

You can wear it in a soft, flowy way for a beach wedding. You can create intricate braids and rope straps for an elegant ball or reception. You can wear it as a formal dress when you are pregnant or when you are nursing. You can even dress it down and just wear it during the day for a nice lunch.

Infinity dresses are more dresses in one and it really saves you space both in the closet and in your wallet.

There are a lot of reasons to purchase this type of dress and we hope we have listed enough to convince you. Not only they look good, feel good and are very practical, they prevent you from consuming too much, spending too much money on dresses you only wear at occasions.

From many points of view, an infinity dress should be a staple in any woman’s closet.