4 Ways to Wear an Infinity Dress

Having a closet full of dresses is something every woman would like. If it’s possible for it to be the size of Narnia, even better! But we all know limited space and tight budgets don’t allows us to go crazy with the dress shopping. And, to be honest, it’s not practical. It’s really wasteful to own so many pieces of clothing.

The one perfect solution to all of the above is to have adaptable, practical types of clothing. I am absolutely in love with the idea of convertible clothing and double-sided pieces. Loving variety and novelty, I really need to change things a bit from time to time to keep my spirit high.

Convertible dresses are an ingenious, brilliant invention because they do transform into a wide range of styles with not too much effort. Most of them have straps, belts and wrapped fabric you can twist and tie as you want to create a certain structure.

Let’s think of 4 ways you can wear a classic infinity dress.

1- One shoulder style

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Get your infinity dress on and place it so that it’s waist aligns with yours. Take both of its straps and pull them over one of your shoulders. As they are just standing there, they might not have much of a shape, so take them both and twist them into a rope-like design. You can also tie a knot resting on your shoulder if you feel they need more support. Make sure the front part covers your chest and doesn’t move.

2- Halter neck style

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Place your dress on your waist so it covers the strap of your bra. Cross the right strap over the left shoulder and the left strap over your right shoulder. In the back, cross the straps again so they form an X and bring them in the front, to the waist. Create a band belt on the waist and bring the two ends of the straps at the back, to form a knot.

Again, adjust your straps in the front so you cover your chest and adjust the bands all over for a neat look. This can be worn without a bra, with a strapless bra or even a special halter bra.

3- Sweetheart neck style

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This is a more complicated style, as it requires some trial and error before doing it right, so make sure to practice before your event. As with the previous styles, start by placing the dress’ waist under your bust. Take the straps and cross them over in the front to form the V in your decollage. Wrap your chest in them and bring them to the back, under the armpit, pulling them tightly. At the back, cross them over again and bring them in the front, under the bust. The fabric must wrap tightly around your curves, otherwise you’re in danger of having a wardrobe malfunction.

4- Halter neck with a twist style

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We’ve been over the halter neck, but this is a slightly different style, because it rises the neckline and creates a more subtle halter neck, not a wide one. Pull both straps upwards, covering the chest. At the end of each strap, make a twist so it appears like a rope. Twist the ropes under your neck twice, so they are held in place, and bring them to the back over your shoulders.

At the back, keep the straps in the shape of a rope and twist them together to form an even thicker rope that goes down your backline. At the waist, separate the straps and bring them in the front as a belt.

With so many ways to wear these dresses, it’s no wonder they appear much more often in women’s closets everywhere. We all know how stressful it is to always choose a different outfit for events. Sometimes buying a new dress for a wedding, baptism or party can be a burden on our finances, but an infinity dress solves a lot of these issues.

Plus, it looks great in each style you can make out of it. Or you can only choose the styles that flatter you the most and it will still value more that only one regular dress.

What lingerie to wear under a convertible dress

Convertible dresses are a piece of clothing any woman should have in her closet. They are fun and adaptable and can save you in a multitude of situations. You won’t have to go shopping each time you attend a wedding, baby shower or formal dinner, you can just pick a convertible or infinity dress in your favorite color and learn how to transform it for each occasion.

This type of dress allows you to wear it in dozens of ways and they can go from daring and sexy to formal and more modest styles. This means that sometimes you will have more skin uncovered and with some styles the neckline or straps will be more unusual.

The trick is making the dress look good in any situation and you will most probably need some support under the dress. Because they need to be flexible and versatile, these dresses are usually made out of flowy, soft materials that cling to your shapes. There is not much structure, since it would limit the convertible function of the dress. So, obviously, the lingerie that you choose to wear under a convertible dress is very important and it depends on the style you choose.

Strapless bras

Convertible dresses can be worn as strapless dresses. You can give it a bandeau look, a sweetheart neckline or a one shoulder look. For these and many more, you will need to get a good strapless bra. As we said before, you need good support for your breasts because the dress doesn’t offer much of it.

Bandeau in the color of the dress

Whether you choose to wear it on its own or on top of your bra, a bandeau tube in the color of the dress will definitely save your modesty. With some styles, wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen, so it is best if you invest in another piece of material to use as an undergarment. Even if part of it shows, it will be subtle enough to not disturb the overall look.

If you can’t get a bandeau from the dress manufacturer in the same fabric, try to match the color and texture of the fabric as much as possible. If the dress if made of a sheer material, you can go with a solid bandeau under it. If you want, you can choose a different color for the bandeau, but make sure it complements the dress and they don’t look weird together.

Chicken cutlets

No, we are not mistaken. If you don’t know already what we’re talking about, chicken cutlets is the nickname of silicon sticky bras in the color of the skin, because they look a lot like raw skinless chicken breasts. Don’t let this thought disturb you, if you’re a first time user of these you will be in love with them.

They are super discreet and hard to spot and they keep your breasts lifted and close to each other. You can wear this type of bra with more daring style, when you want to expose more skin and the dress doesn’t let you show any kind of straps.

Shaping, seamless underwear

Now that we have solved your bra situation, let’s move on to the panties. As we said before, convertible dresses tend to be made of flowy, soft fabrics. These will only offer structure by the way you strap them. Even if they are not as tight and showing as a bandeau dress, you still need a pair of undergarments that are invisible and comfortable.

The best choice is to invest in a shaping pair of panties. Even if you go with thongs, hipsters or high waisted panties, make sure they don’t have seams and they are made of microfiber. Lacy underwear may show through the dress, so save it for special occasions or more bulky clothes.

As you can see, convertible dresses offer a lot of variety when it comes to styling. Owning one is like buying 12 dresses as ones, sometimes even more. You just need to practice the styles and see what works best for you. You also need to figure out what accessories to wear with it and what undergarments are perfect for your look.

How to choose a convertible dress that suits you bridesmaid

Every bridesmaid knows that participating in this huge event means thinking of every detail that will come together for this celebration. The bride has probably already chosen her convertible dress and its your turn to pick something amazing to wear.

Start by doing your research

Start off by browsing different stores and infinity dress styles. You can use apps, websites, and catalogues where you can browse hundreds of gowns. Make a shortlist of the styles and colors you loved and share it with your friends. It will also help to keep track of where you can find the dresses you have in mind and shorten your list based on this too, if needed.

Calculate a budget for the dresses

The general custom is for the bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses. Discuss the financial aspect with the bride and the other bridesmaids and agree on an average price for the convertible dresses. You all need to make sure this expense will not be a burden to anyone. Think of an affordable solution, or find an alternative. You can agree on a color or design and each of you buys something appropriate from wherever you want. Or you can all agree on browsing rental dresses and save a lot of money and time.

Pick your bridesmaid dress after the wedding dress

Its best to leave the bridesmaid dress picking after the bride has already decided on her own dress. The whole idea is for you to complement her and everything to look coordinated and unitary.

Be careful about the timing

It takes two to three months for orders to arrive and four to six weeks for alterations. A six-month cushion will give you and your friends ample time to find and order the convertible dresses and get them fit.

As much as businesses are competing to offer you fast and good service, its for the best to give them enough time to deliver what you need. The convertible dresses you order will typically arrive in two or three months. You must also take alternations into consideration and reserve another few weeks for that.

Focus on the fit, not the size

You need to focus a lot on the fit of the dresses. The size will not always match every body type and the dresses will need to be tried on at least once. Alterations are strongly recommended because of every individuals body type. This is why its best to order a size bigger for your bridesmaid dresses, so you leave room for alterations.

Choose the color and shade of the dress

This is definitely the fun part when picking the convertible bridesmaid dress. It depends a lot on the weddings theme and color scheme. For the event to look coordinated and chic, make sure everything complements the brides look.

The style and color you choose will depend on the venue, on the season, even on the flowers you are considering for the reception. Discuss all these details with the bride and choose the convertible dresses together. For autumn or winter weddings, darker colors will look great, while pastels are more fit for spring and summer. You can research colors that are in or you can go with your own preferences.

A really nice idea is to match your bridesmaids dresses to the color of the brides shoes. Cobalt blue or emerald green will give a dramatic look to the whole look, but toned down shades of the same color will look amazing in a more classic wedding.

If you are attending a less traditional wedding, you can even go with white, black or floral print. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your choices, you only need to make sure you and your special bride to be will look amazing together.

Dont forget about the lingerie

This is one of the things you need to remember.. Depending on the gown style you will wear, you will need to get the correct lingerie for it. Strapless, modeling or invisible, it all depends on how much will be left to see.

The important thing, above all that, is to share this very special moment with the closest friend in your life. This is a way of bonding with your friends and family and it represents the unity and friendship that girls have for each other. Have fun and take a lot of pictures!


Should you rent your bridesmaid dress?

Being a bridesmaid is an honor and a very special event for you and the bride, but it can get overwhelming in terms of preparations and cost. If you have a limited budget and cannot choose any dress you would like, consider renting one. This can be an ideal solution for some bridesmaids. Let’s see the advantages you have for renting your bridesmaid dress.

If it’s hard to think of renting your wedding dress, when it comes to the bridesmaid gowns you are not so emotionally attached to your dress, so renting can be an ideal option. Plus, you can be a bridesmaid more than once and you might have the chance of wearing your gown to another wedding. Even if you don’t want to wear it for the same type of occasion, it is much easier to reuse a bridesmaid dress than a wedding gown.

This will save you a lot of money

While men have been able to rent their tuxedos for decades, being a bridesmaid used to involve the cost of buying a new dress and have it tailored for the big event. This can be a big burden for the bridesmaid, especially since she could do tons of other nice things for the wedding with the cost of a gown.

Renting your dress allows you to wear even that designer dress you have been admiring. And you can do it at a fraction of its purchase price.  

Renting is not so much of a hassle

If the bride has taken upon her to order all the bridesmaids dresses, can you imagine how tough it is to select the model, order each size and pay for the huge bill? It’s not only the cost of it which stresses the bride out, but also the work and time invested. She needs to make sure each bridesmaid will look amazing in her dress and everything will be fitting.

You will not encourage waste

Even if it would be easier to reuse your bridesmaid gown, some types of dresses will not allow you to adapt your dress to another type of occasion. As we said before, a lot of women will not accept being bridesmaids in the same dress again. So many of the purchased gowns will actually go to waste.

There is actually a growing trend of leaving your dress in the hotel room. A big part of the money spent on these gowns is wasted and it’s good to be more responsible about consumption.

You will skip the troubles of getting everyone to the fitting

When you buy the dresses for your bridesmaids, you must reserve a whole day for this event. It takes many hours of trying dresses on and picking a model, and you might have quite a few persons to take care of. If your bridesmaids are not from the same area, which is very probable, imagine the traveling plans and costs and picking a day when everyone is free to do it. Even getting your friends together for a drink is sometimes hard, not to mention dress fitting!

When you rent your infinity dress, everything is much more efficient. You do everything online, you can discuss any detail with your bridesmaids on social media or a video conference and everyone can be comfortable in their own home. Some renting companies send you two sizes of the same dress so you can try them on, others are even open to adjusting your dress. It’s so much easier and stress free than going there yourself.

You get to wear designer dresses you don’t afford to buy

For the fashionistas and not only them, it’s an exciting occasion to try on a designer dress. They can get as expensive as a few thousand dollars, so it might be difficult for many of us to save money for a dress we will probably only wear once.

The renting companies work with famous designer and give you a lot of options to chose from, at a fraction of the price.

You can see that the advantages are clear for renting your infinity dress. It saves you a lot of money, time and stress. You get to pick from a wide range of models and sizes and you order your gown online, with no hassle. Renting gives you more time to invest in your special events and preparations.