4 Ways to Wear an Infinity Dress

Having a closet full of dresses is something every woman would like. If it’s possible for it to be the size of Narnia, even better! But we all know limited space and tight budgets don’t allows us to go crazy with the dress shopping. And, to be honest, it’s not practical. It’s really wasteful to own so many pieces of clothing.

The one perfect solution to all of the above is to have adaptable, practical types of clothing. I am absolutely in love with the idea of convertible clothing and double-sided pieces. Loving variety and novelty, I really need to change things a bit from time to time to keep my spirit high.

Convertible dresses are an ingenious, brilliant invention because they do transform into a wide range of styles with not too much effort. Most of them have straps, belts and wrapped fabric you can twist and tie as you want to create a certain structure.

Let’s think of 4 ways you can wear a classic infinity dress.

1- One shoulder style

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Get your infinity dress on and place it so that it’s waist aligns with yours. Take both of its straps and pull them over one of your shoulders. As they are just standing there, they might not have much of a shape, so take them both and twist them into a rope-like design. You can also tie a knot resting on your shoulder if you feel they need more support. Make sure the front part covers your chest and doesn’t move.

2- Halter neck style

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Place your dress on your waist so it covers the strap of your bra. Cross the right strap over the left shoulder and the left strap over your right shoulder. In the back, cross the straps again so they form an X and bring them in the front, to the waist. Create a band belt on the waist and bring the two ends of the straps at the back, to form a knot.

Again, adjust your straps in the front so you cover your chest and adjust the bands all over for a neat look. This can be worn without a bra, with a strapless bra or even a special halter bra.

3- Sweetheart neck style

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This is a more complicated style, as it requires some trial and error before doing it right, so make sure to practice before your event. As with the previous styles, start by placing the dress’ waist under your bust. Take the straps and cross them over in the front to form the V in your decollage. Wrap your chest in them and bring them to the back, under the armpit, pulling them tightly. At the back, cross them over again and bring them in the front, under the bust. The fabric must wrap tightly around your curves, otherwise you’re in danger of having a wardrobe malfunction.

4- Halter neck with a twist style

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We’ve been over the halter neck, but this is a slightly different style, because it rises the neckline and creates a more subtle halter neck, not a wide one. Pull both straps upwards, covering the chest. At the end of each strap, make a twist so it appears like a rope. Twist the ropes under your neck twice, so they are held in place, and bring them to the back over your shoulders.

At the back, keep the straps in the shape of a rope and twist them together to form an even thicker rope that goes down your backline. At the waist, separate the straps and bring them in the front as a belt.

With so many ways to wear these dresses, it’s no wonder they appear much more often in women’s closets everywhere. We all know how stressful it is to always choose a different outfit for events. Sometimes buying a new dress for a wedding, baptism or party can be a burden on our finances, but an infinity dress solves a lot of these issues.

Plus, it looks great in each style you can make out of it. Or you can only choose the styles that flatter you the most and it will still value more that only one regular dress.