Top 5 convertible dresses for summer!

Infinity convertible dresses are the most versatile type of dress for any occasion! The material can fit any shape and size and the dress can be styled for a multitude of occasions. Whether you’re going to a restaurant or a walk around town, convertible dresses are the must-have item. They can be styled in different ways on the top and turned into skirts in some cases!

They are lightweight and made out of a material that is stretchy and floaty. This is perfect for wandering about in the heat of summer.


Below are a few choice convertible dresses perfect for summer, but also for all year round!


1.    Royal blue knee-length infinity dress

Royal blue infinity dress, knee length infinity dress, convertible royal blue dress, Bridesmaid Dress Short

This dress is versatile and summery. The colour is bright, vibrant and eye-catching. In a knee-length style and with an infinite amount of ways to style this dress, it is perfect for almost any event.


It can be worn at a summer wedding, for a walk on the beach and even a picnic in the park. No matter what the occasion, the bright colour and style you choose will mean you are the centre of attention.


This is a top pick because of the colour choice and the knee-length style.


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2. Floor length burgundy infinity dress

Floor length burgundy wine red infinity dress, Bridesmaid Dress, convertible dress red, Evening Christmas Party

In a deep burgundy colour, this dress is formal and classy. It is floor length. This is the perfect dress for occasions such as going to a restaurant or going to the theatre in the summer. It is smart but still summery due to the way the top half can be styled.


Even just for a casual summer party, this dress is still perfect. It is versatile and floaty because of the length.


3. Green formal convertible dress

Green formal dress long, Convertible Dress Wrap Dress, green dress, Maid of Honor Dress Prom Dress

This dress in the style seen in the picture is perfect for multiple occasions. It is floor length and in a vibrant green colour that goes with almost any accessories, you want to pair with it. As with all the others it can be styled in any way you like.


It is a smarter colour but still suitable for all summer activities. But it can also be used for more formal occasions.


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4. Yellow knee length dress

Yellow knee length dress, Black Convertible Bridesmaid dress, Infinity Dresses knee length

This is one of the brightest dresses!  It is as bright as the sun and will attract the attention of everyone around you. It is the epitome of summer. Vibrant and warm coloured it can be worn to any casual event like a barbeque and a walk along the beach.

Although it is very bright and may not be for everyone this dress is certainly one of the most interesting! It can be paired with many accessories and is certainly a great summer wear.


5. Light pink infinity dress

Pink Bridesmaid Dress Short Infinity Dress Convertible Formal Multiway Wrap Dress

This dress is also available in a knee length style. In the light pink colour, it looks the part for summer! It is light and bright and can be dressed up or down for the perfect occasion.

Being lighter in colour, it is perfect for when the weather gets hot. It can be worn to any event and at any time of the day. It is the subtle in colour compared with the other dresses on this list but that doesn’t make it any less eye-catching!


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All of these dresses are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways! Hence their name of convertible infinity dresses. These dresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all people. They can be styled to anyone. and come in different lengths such as knee and floor length. The range of colours also can fit any occasion.

These dresses are used for all types of occasions and are perfect for summer. they are light and comfortable to wear. made out of polyester spandex they are easy to wash, and this makes them adaptable. There are many versions of this dress, but these are the top 5 due to the colours and the lengths. They are perfect for summer. They can also be a wardrobe staple for all year round!