Should you rent your bridesmaid dress?

Being a bridesmaid is an honor and a very special event for you and the bride, but it can get overwhelming in terms of preparations and cost. If you have a limited budget and cannot choose any dress you would like, consider renting one. This can be an ideal solution for some bridesmaids. Let’s see the advantages you have for renting your bridesmaid dress.

If it’s hard to think of renting your wedding dress, when it comes to the bridesmaid gowns you are not so emotionally attached to your dress, so renting can be an ideal option. Plus, you can be a bridesmaid more than once and you might have the chance of wearing your gown to another wedding. Even if you don’t want to wear it for the same type of occasion, it is much easier to reuse a bridesmaid dress than a wedding gown.

This will save you a lot of money

While men have been able to rent their tuxedos for decades, being a bridesmaid used to involve the cost of buying a new dress and have it tailored for the big event. This can be a big burden for the bridesmaid, especially since she could do tons of other nice things for the wedding with the cost of a gown.

Renting your dress allows you to wear even that designer dress you have been admiring. And you can do it at a fraction of its purchase price.  

Renting is not so much of a hassle

If the bride has taken upon her to order all the bridesmaids dresses, can you imagine how tough it is to select the model, order each size and pay for the huge bill? It’s not only the cost of it which stresses the bride out, but also the work and time invested. She needs to make sure each bridesmaid will look amazing in her dress and everything will be fitting.

You will not encourage waste

Even if it would be easier to reuse your bridesmaid gown, some types of dresses will not allow you to adapt your dress to another type of occasion. As we said before, a lot of women will not accept being bridesmaids in the same dress again. So many of the purchased gowns will actually go to waste.

There is actually a growing trend of leaving your dress in the hotel room. A big part of the money spent on these gowns is wasted and it’s good to be more responsible about consumption.

You will skip the troubles of getting everyone to the fitting

When you buy the dresses for your bridesmaids, you must reserve a whole day for this event. It takes many hours of trying dresses on and picking a model, and you might have quite a few persons to take care of. If your bridesmaids are not from the same area, which is very probable, imagine the traveling plans and costs and picking a day when everyone is free to do it. Even getting your friends together for a drink is sometimes hard, not to mention dress fitting!

When you rent your infinity dress, everything is much more efficient. You do everything online, you can discuss any detail with your bridesmaids on social media or a video conference and everyone can be comfortable in their own home. Some renting companies send you two sizes of the same dress so you can try them on, others are even open to adjusting your dress. It’s so much easier and stress free than going there yourself.

You get to wear designer dresses you don’t afford to buy

For the fashionistas and not only them, it’s an exciting occasion to try on a designer dress. They can get as expensive as a few thousand dollars, so it might be difficult for many of us to save money for a dress we will probably only wear once.

The renting companies work with famous designer and give you a lot of options to chose from, at a fraction of the price.

You can see that the advantages are clear for renting your infinity dress. It saves you a lot of money, time and stress. You get to pick from a wide range of models and sizes and you order your gown online, with no hassle. Renting gives you more time to invest in your special events and preparations.