5 times a Convertible Dress is an intelligent choice

With the cost of living today, is it a surprise to realize that buying clothes can be a hugely expensive exercise. Many of us look for wardrobe pieces that can be worn in more than one way, can be dressed up or down and will take us from the office to dinner while still looking smart and fashionable.

One of the best wardrobe additions that any smart modern girl can have is the convertible dress. That dress that with some smart wrapping can have many different looks. This style of dress lends itself to so many applications that the smart woman will have at least one in her wardrobe.

1- Convertible Wedding Gown

Wearing a long romantic gown, fluffed out with petticoats while walking down the aisle is the dream of many a young lady but arriving at your reception and trying to manage miles of material while trying to enjoy yourself, and after all, this is your party, can be daunting. Consider using a short white convertible dress that can be wrapped in a demure manner for church and then have a beautiful removable skirt made with all the decoration and petticoats that you desire. Wear the skirt over the top of your convertible dress and then after your photographs are taken, and you arrive at your reception, simply remove the skirt, retie the convertible dress to match your party mood and voila you are set to dance the evening away without trying to manage the excess material. A bonus is that you have a dress that can be worn many times.Here is one to look at http://www.convertiblewrapdress.com/short-convertible-white/

2- Bridesmaids Dress

The bridesmaids’ dress can be the beginning of a horror story for so many women. The delight at being asked to be your friend’s attendant at their wedding can soon turn to dismay when the infamous bridesmaid dress is rolled out! The wise bride will turn to the convertible dress for her bridesmaids. Trying to find a dress to suit all body shapes can be a nightmare, but this dress will solve so many of these problems for you.

This dress can be wrapped in so many different ways so all the attendants can wear the same color but wrap the dress to suit their personalities and body shape. Alternatively, if your bridesmaids are all of a similar body shape select one color but allow the girls to choose the shade that suits their colouring. For example look at this offering from infinitydressusa.com where the color selected was purple but the shades range from pink to suit a blonde to a darker shade of purple to suit a brunette. The girls look stunning, are all individual but brought together by the style.


3- Working Girl

If you know that today is going to be a long day with business meetings during the day and drinks and dinner after work, it makes sense to consider a Convertible Dress. Select a dark color and for work, tie it in a demure fashion so that your shoulders are completely covered. Accessorize with brightly colored accessories and perhaps consider wearing a bright light-weight jacket over the dress. Plain pumps should complete the outfit.

At the end of the working day, take the ties for the dress and fashion something more dramatic for the evening. Off come the bright accessories and from your purse comes simple silver or gold accessories for the evening. Brush up your make-up and take down your hair and voila you are set for the evening ahead. As you have chosen a dark color, you will be ready for a night on the town, and your simple matching pumps will easily carry you through the evening.

Your jacket can remain in the office to be taken home the next day, and from your purse, you can take a sparkly shawl if the evening is cool.

One dress, a few things to pack into your purse and you have two completely different outfits that will easily carry you through a working day and a fun evening.

4- Holiday Time

Packing for a holiday can be daunting, and most of us have little space for an outfit that we can wear in the evening. Consider packing a convertible dress. Chose a lovely bright color and you will have an outfit that you can wear in any number of ways to suit your holiday needs.

If you want a dress to wear when taking in the sights, your convertible dress can be casually tied and easily take you through a day of wandering around.

When evening comes, and you want something that looks a little smarter then take your convertible dress and tie it differently, a few fun accessories, clean, shining hair, and you are set for a slightly more upmarket dinner than the Tiki Bar on the beach.

5- Nursing Mums

Elegant dresses and nursing a baby do not always go together but consider the convertible dress. There are a few good reasons to think seriously about this wonderful garment; it will allow you to tie a design that works for you; it will look good; it will adjust to your body shape as your body changes after the birth, and it will give you some extra material that you can use to provide privacy for your baby while they feed.

This versatile garment should be a cornerstone of the modern woman’s wardrobe. It is easy to dress up or down and can be used in a myriad of ways in both casual and formal environments.