The Convertible Multi-Way Dress – Perfect for Your Bridesmaid

Convertible dresses are designed from various materials and each of them has something special to offer. Those knit in jersey patterns look just as elegant as chiffon or silk or satin apparel. Even when it comes to color, the convertibles are operable over a vast selection of colors. If you want to use them for various occasions it is better off to go for a monochrome. If cocktail parties or semi-formal occasions are part of your calendar, you can negotiate the convertible best in a black color.

Much as the name suggests, convertible dresses are those which can be changed into different avatars based on the need or the demand of the occasion. Naturally, they are not sewn across the fold but only tightened along the waistband and shoulder. Just to put in perspective, a convertible dress can be worn as a sleazy halter neck or an elementary everyday wear or even as a cocktail dress or prom attire- and we mean the very same dress. Most often, a couple of straps and a circle suit the dress ideally. To many it also gives the impression of rectangle layered upon another rectangle and just sewn somewhere along the waistline.

If you have seen Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or even the likes of Roman Holiday, you will quickly envision how Marilyn or Audrey have epitomized the convertible dresses. At the end of the day, it is just a fabric rolled around your body and interspersed with central sewing. You can give it great impact along the shoulder, on the hip-line or on the waist itself depending upon the rolling point. It is advisable first to acquire some idea about the best way to wear them. Let us take a look at what might play the trick in the smartest way.

Do not take half measures as you may end up being a fashion disaster. Remember that with such dresses you may even be leaving a lot of your rear bare. Thus it is best to go completely with the motion whether you are looking to make it into a cocktail dress or a promenade gown.

They are very flattering on the waistline so you must have them in your closet if you are blessed with a thin waist.

Be cautious with the sewing for bridesmaid or black-tie occasions.
Go right with them, go the whole hog and they will certainly convert your fashion quotient for the better.